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Originally Posted by Umonblue View Post
This has nothing to do with a runner leading off 2nd it has everything to do with a runner on 3rd base and a runner on 1st base and the Pitcher in the STRETCH position (not wind up) Pitcher is in his motion on delivering the pitch to the batter when the Defense yells "runner going" he then instead of continuing delivering the pitch home, the Pitcher abruptly spins toward 2nd to make a play on the runner.
I have had different answers one saying it is a Balk because 2nd base was not occupied and then another response saying it is not a Balk because Pitcher can legally spin to make a play on the runner from 1st going to 2nd. I am leaning towards the 1st response as it being a Balk.
If you lean that way you will fall over. The rule states that the pitcher, in contact with his plate, cannot throw or feint to an unoccupied base, EXCEPT for the purpose of making a play. Throwing to an unoccupied base to get an advancing runner, drive back an advancing runner, get or drive back a runner who has demonstrated or created the impression of his intent to advance is a purpose of making a play.
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