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Originally Posted by billyu2 View Post
EXCEPTION: The ball does not become dead until the try or tap ends, or until the airborne shooter returns to the floor, when:
a. Article 5, 6, or 7 occurs while a try or tap for a field goal is in flight.

We know if a foul occurs while a try is in flight, the ball becomes dead when the try ends - successful/unsuccessful. (no airborne shooter involved) What I believe the rule above is saying (plus 6.7.4) is: if an airborne shooter is involved, regardless of the outcome of the try, if the shooter is still airborne, the ball does not become dead until the airborne shooter returns to the floor. Otherwise, if the ball were dead based on the result of the try, subsequent contact by or against the still airborne shooter would have to be ignored unless ruled intentional or flagrant.
Incorrect. The ball is dead when the try ends, even if the shooter is still airborne. However, a foul on/by an airborne shooter is by rule deemed to be personal, even if the ball is dead.

Rule 4-19
ART. 1 . . . A personal foul is a player foul which involves illegal contact with an opponent while the ball is live, which hinders an opponent from performing normal defensive and offensive movements. A personal foul also includes contact by or on an airborne shooter when the ball is dead. NOTE: Contact after the ball has become dead is incidental unless it is ruled intentional or flagrant or is committed by or on an airborne shooter.
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