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Let's Go To The Videotape ...

Originally Posted by Rich View Post
Look at 5.11.7, both situations.
5.11.7 SITUATION A: Airborne shooter A1 is fouled by B1 with the try in flight.
The horn then sounds ending the fourth quarter playing time. The ball continues
its flight and goes through the basket to tie the score. Before A1 attempts the free
throw as part of the fourth quarter, Team B captain requests and is granted a 60-
second time-out. Team A or B captain then requests a 30-second time-out during
the same dead-ball period. RULING: The second request is denied. At the end of
playing time for the fourth quarter or any overtime period, successive time-outs
shall not be granted. This means a time-out cannot be granted either team until
the clock has run in the extra period – assuming the free throw is missed.
Successive time-outs may be granted in all situations except after time has
expired in the fourth quarter or any extra period.

5.11.7 SITUATION B: Following the expiration of time for the first extra period,
the coach of Team B is charged with a technical foul. Team B requests a time-out
before the free throws are administered to start the second extra period. The
time-out request is granted. Thereafter, the official administers the first free throw
to A1. Following the attempt: (a) Team B; or (b) Team A, then requests a time-out.
RULING: The request cannot be granted in either (a) or (b), as it would be consid -
ered a successive time-out. The fact that the ball did become live between the two
requests has no bearing on the ruling. Another time-out request by either team
cannot be honored until after the clock has started in the second extra period.
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