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Originally Posted by Valley Man View Post
Player running full speed and receiving the ball from a throwin one foot in FC then other foot in BC. Anyone seeing this a lot? Determining whether player is airborne that fast is hard. Lean on not a BC violation?
No. (Well, to clarify -- I am not seeing that a lot. Others might.

That's why we get paid the big bucks.

Originally Posted by sdoebler View Post
Points of emphasis for 17-18

With specific regard to the backcourt violation; a team may not be the last to touch a live ball in the front court and then be the first to touch a live ball in the backcourt, provided that team has establish player control/team control on the playing court (either in the backcourt or frontcourt). BY RULE EXCEPTION, during a throw-in a team may leave the front court, establish player control/team control while airborne and land in the backcourt. This is a legal play and ONLY applies to the first player of the offense who touches the ball PRIOR to the end of the throw-in.
You're channeling your inner BillyMac -- quoting something that is accurate but only tangentially related to the issue.
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