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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
There is a lot to debate. I do not think there was a foul, but I do feel there was a BC violation based on what I saw. And it is possible for even the best of the best to make mistakes. So you can save the comments as if we cannot be critical of Teddy Valentine, just like we are of John Higgins or any other top-flight guy out there. But this is a tough play and I also hate the new rule that muddies the waters. I am sure Valentine at best hesitated because he was trying not to call something he had doubt about. But he was also not the only official on this play and it was actually more in the lap of the C based on what I remember.

First off, I don't think there was a foul either, that would be REALLY weak.

I actually like this rule change. I think that the way it was written, and the way the HS rule is currently written is unfair. A tipped ball by the defense that is then grazed by the offense, and the O can't recover it? I don't think that's what the original intent of the rule was. And while I do recognize on the other hand that if its the same play with the OOB line instead of the division line its simply who touched it last, I don't think those scenarios are perfectly comparable.

As for whether or not the D actually tipped it, this would be a perfect time for the tipped ball mechanic, and then there is no doubt. I think its backcourt, I believe the offensive player regained control while sitting, and then fell to his elbow in the backcourt as the D tried to tie him up. I wouldn't call a travel, but I think that would be an option as well.
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