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Originally Posted by Ditty92 View Post
Was watching this game between Wake Forest and Virginia Tech last night, and wanted to get some more opinions on the play at 1:28:17 (3:10 left in the 2nd Half). Teddy immediately heads over to Danny Manning and seems to have a pretty definitive explanation for why he called a Jump ball so I wanted to hear what that explanation might have been.

Apologize for the long video...Couldn't find a clip anywhere else.

Virginia Tech vs. Wake Forest (M Basketball) - WatchESPN
Foul on defense. If Teddy calls a foul, there would have been way less complaining/questioning. If passing on the foul, BC violation presuming defense did not hit the ball. Held ball if defense hit the ball.

No sense in debating anything though because Teddy is so great. We would be foolish to question a referee of his caliber, who has had a stellar career.
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