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Originally Posted by IRISHMAFIA View Post
Glad to see you are progressing well.

Everyone is different and maybe you really don't need the additional therapy. The therapy for my knees were not the same since there were different conditions But for the same reason, don't let anyone talk you out of it if you and your present therapists believe it is necessary. Your surgeon should have a final report from your therapist before making a recommendation
My therapist's suggestions today were along the line of the differences between getting me able to perform normal day-to-day stuff like getting around my house, getting myself dressed, bathed, in and out of bed, doing the food shopping, etc., to the next level of getting out on the field doing "umpiring stuff".

I will admit that at this point, only 1 month removed from the surgery, that I'd be concerned about sufficiently and acceptably able to perform on the field coming out from behind the catcher, being in a proper set position, and on the bases to be able to pivot and chase down plays. That may be the next step where the outpatient activities would be necessary. So I'll have about a month to assess progress and then bring up the suggestion with the surgeon at my next meeting.
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