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The performance of our volunteer and even certified linespeople is on us. I always tell line judges "Do not take it personally if I overrule you. It just means that I saw something different from the stand." If I'm going to overrule a linesperson before awarding that point I generally tap my chest twice to signal my call then go thru the signal sequence. As to the way your line judges acted I would probably warn on the first offense and explain what you did-that an R1 can overrule their linesperson. 2nd time they ran up to me likely would've earned replacement. If you are getting your line judges 3 minutes prior to start then that's a problem I'd talk to my association about and let them deal with the AD & or coach. The host schools are responsible for providing competent assistant officials to help administer the contest. This includes making sure they are trained in whatever roles they'll be working and reporting to the contest with enough time to meet with officials.

In my briefings:
1. Cover which line judge is responsible for what lines
2. Discuss signals (Out vs Antennae, Out vs Touch off block etc) & positioning
3. Timeout Protocol

I like the way you handled the coach. Oh and welcome to the board. Which state do you work?
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