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Originally Posted by Eastshire View Post
If he doesn't explicitly say, in writing, to not follow the rules if they produce an unintended bad result, I would not trust him to take the heat if a decision you make blows up in his face.
I trust him 100% in regards to his proclamation. He is a nationally known official, and locally he is known for his charitable works. He is probably the most bluntly honest person I have ever met in my life. Unless I have totally misjudged him in the last 3 years I've come to know him, he is the last person I would expect to weasel out of taking responsibility.

Additionally, he didn't say "not follow the rules if they produce an unintended bad result", he said to make "good decisions". He is very big on situational decision-making and context.

Hopefully you don't work for supervisors who would not stand behind their words.
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