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Originally Posted by just another ref View Post
Not the same thing at all. If the contact is on the torso of the player with the wide stance, the stance doesn't change anything. In this case if the screener is vertical it totally changes when the contact occurs, plus it adds the weight of the screener to the force of the collision, even if the screener didn't embellish the contact a bit, which I think she did.

Maybe a slight bit, but irrelevant. And so what. Neither of those have anything to do with the rules.

Was the screener in the path soon enough to allow the defender time to avoid contact. Yes....the defender took 3 steps into the contact. The screener was moving, but was already in the path and was moving away....which is legal. The screener just stopped rule against that.

The problem here is that the defender was running without looking where she was going. The screener did absolutely nothing wrong.

And the video just does not support your claim of embellishment. She may have braced for contact, but didn't embellish at all, not even close.
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