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NFL Consistency in Punishments

All three of those plays were flagged by the on-field officials, so maybe this isn't the right place to look for any further thoughts. I have a tough time seeing how all three of those result in a one-game suspension. While all three were penalized, there's also a clear order of which is the "most illegal," and it's obvious enough that I don't understand how the punishment for all three could possibly be equal.

In my view, the Gronkowski video is the only one that could have warranted an ejection. It's an intentional blow to the head of a player on the ground after the play is over. There's nothing "football" about it. The Iloka hit was clearly a solid helmet-to-helmet shot, but at least it was a football play. The Smith-Schuster hit on Burfict was largely shoulder-to-chest with some helmet-to-helmet contact. Appearances certainly weren't helped by the taunting penalty that followed, but I still don't see how it compares in any way to what Gronkowski did.

Slight off-topic. Has the Monday Night Football commentary been this brutal to listen to all year? Some of their comments on the officiating were more along the lines of what I'd expect to hear from Hawk or the Tigers' announce team. Stuff like "nobody's here to watch the officiating" and really just things I didn't expect to hear from a primetime commentary crew.