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Originally Posted by Camron Rust View Post
Play 3 should have been a block. The L had a poor angle to see the continued movement that brought the defender barely into the shooter's path after the shooter was airborne. If not for the continued movement, there would have been no contact.
+1. There was a LGP established, but instead of moving laterally to maintain (which he would not have had time to do), he leaned out of his vertical plane. The lean was directly toward the L, and thus virtually imperceptible. I can understand the CI. Iím not really sure how L could have improved his look in the time given. About the only thing he might have done better would be to recognize the bad angle, post, and then hope C had a fist up with a better opinion. Unlikely, however. Really tough play for L on a single whistle.

I disagree that no continued movement would have resulted in no contact. There would have been some. But it would have been small enough that everyone would have been satisfied with a no call.
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