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Play 1: HS, count it. NCAA, probably not.

Play 2: Hook first...should have been offensive. the L, who can see it all should have taken it.

Play 3: Inconclusive from the video.

Play 4: Nothing to call.

Play 5: Good call. You don't have the right to knock another player off his feet in order to recover the ball, particularly one who had picked up the ball.

Play 6: Good call. Defender had 2 feet down and got in the path before shooter left the floor. In fact, he had that when the shooter was still outside of the 3-point arc and heading right towards him. He got 2 feet down again (a couple of times) but it was not necessary. The L had good position to make the decision.

(Edit...updated incorrectly numbered plays 5 & 6, added 4 that I skipped)
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