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Originally Posted by FormerUmp View Post

A few hypotheticals regarding penalties with a change of possession and no time remaining.

The only foul called was prior to the possession change. If Harrison had been tackled short of the end zone, would the Steelers have gotten an untimed down?

If the Steelers had been called for an illegal block on the runback, what would the result have been, given that the foul on each team would have been separated by a change of possession?

Obviously this play was quite some time ago, but it raises some questions that aren't obvious to a non-official. I'm primarily curious about the NFL, but I'd also be interested in how NCAA or NFHS would deal with it if anyone is so inclined.
NFHS: In the first scenario with just one foul and he was tackled short of the EZ, since the foul occurred before the COP, there will not be an untimed down. If B (Steelers) accepts, the penalty is enforced from the previous spot giving the ball back to A (obviously won't happen). If B declines, the half is over. So, B will decline and go to halftime.

ajmc covered the double foul scenario. B would decline A's foul because accepting it would give A the ball back. A would then have to make a decision on whether to accept B's foul or not, which will depend on if B scored. If B scores, they will accept B's foul enforced from the spot of the foul and have an untimed down. If B does not score, they will decline and go to halftime.
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