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Originally Posted by SC Official View Post
I respect protesters' message even if I don't agree with it or I don't agree with the method.

But what I think people get wrong is the scope to which the First Amendment applies. It protects no right to free speech on your employer's dime. It also definitely protects no right to free speech in your capacity as an independent contractor.

Officials that choose to do this have no "rights" to assert if an assigner shows them the door. All this talk I hear about "rights" on social media and television–it's just not true in many cases.
Yes, that is true, but employers are not going to get rid of players they have a "contact" with or have nothing in the CBA to take action with just cause. So the First Amendment only involves the government and action from the government. When Trump opened his mouth, he kind of used his position to take action against the players. The owners and players took action at least in the NFL situation.

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