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This is the memo that all SCHSL officials got last year regarding officials participating in the protests.

If a player does this I can’t imagine I’d get involved, and if another official got involved in any way, including walking out, I would never see him/her again. I live in the most conservative region of a conservative state, so I really can’t imagine this being an issue at most of the schools I go to. But, I’ve been wrong before.

MEMO Wednesday, October 26, 2016

To SCHSL Certified Officials,
I hope that each of you are doing well and enjoying the slight change in temperatures across our beautiful state. Traditionally, officials have been expected to stand for the playing of the National Anthem and address the American flag, also referred to as “Old Glory.” The expectations of the SCHSL and member schools are that SCHSL officials will continue to honor this tradition. However, with the recent social protests that are occurring during the National Anthem throughout our country, we realize there may be officials who may be considering this action during a SCHSL athletic event.
Therefore, if any official plans to make a political or social statement (words or actions) while on an assignment for one of our contests, he/she must contact our office in writing (email) no later than two days before the date of the scheduled contest so I may notify the school of your intent. Once the school has been notified of the planned action(s) to be taken by the official (s), the school will advise our office if they are able to provide adequate security. If the school decides the proposed action(s) by the official(s) risks crew or public safety, the official will be removed from the game as a precaution and we will re-assign the position to another official.
By this action, both First Amendment rights and safety issues are being protected and addressed. If you wish to share feedback on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact the SCHSL office immediately.
“The South Carolina High School League has been in existence for over 100 years…all while displaying a total respect and admiration to this country and the people who make it unique, generous and unbreakable. ALL people make the United States of America a family of many cultures and beliefs. It is the hope of the SCHSL that we continue to support one another while being proud Americans working as One Team. Athletics are meant to bring us together and highlight our strengths, skills and for lack of a better term, our hopes and dreams. We are truly better together,” states SCHSL Commissioner Jerome Singleton.
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