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Quite a few years ago, while I was still reffing, I got asked to work a "fund-raising" game for the athletic fund at our local high school. A team of teachers and coaches were going to play a game against the "Portland Trailblazer's Alumni Team". This was a team made up of former Blazer players like Chris Dudley, Brian Grant, Terry Porter, Dale Schlueter, Jerome Kersey and Buck Williams. The game was held at the local HS gym and I worked it with another local ref.

All the admission money and profit from snacks went to the HS athletic fund. The gym was full, so I expected they made some good money.

How much was I paid for working the game? NADA. Since all three of my kids were either going or would be going to that HS, I did it for free. Oh yeah, the other ref did the same thing.

After the game (won by the Blazers) the Blazer coach came over to us and told us we worked a really good game. It made quite an impression on me to get that kind of comment from Blazer GM Harry Glickman.
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