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In re: projected subs......

I think this is also badly misstated. The rule change now brings NCAA in line with every other form of softball. Previously, NCAA wouldn't allow a coach to make two offensive changes at once; they could only sub one batter at a time, as that batter came up to bat.

And NCAA would not allow you to accept a reentry for a DP at the end of an inning (when someone ran for the DP); the coach had to remember to re-enter when the DP position came up to bat. Well, but it was different if the DP played defense, then you could re-enter because she was playing defense. But if offense only, nope, cannot take that change, coach.

Not truly projected, never was, except by the dumbasses that made it more difficult than it needed to be; like ASA/USA and NFHS, you can take those subs when the coach wants to make them, as long as you are only replacing someone not currently actively playing (batting, running, playing defense).
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