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Originally Posted by teebob21 View Post
All in all, I think these are good changes. The runner's lane is back, and OBS now requires possession of the ball in order to block the base path. Several of these rules changes bring NCAA back in harmony with USA/ASA and Fed.

The pitching change might be a tough one if not enforced consistently. The rule now requires a "noticeable stop of two seconds" when the hands come together. I look forward to some clarity at camp this fall...are we talking a baseball-style stop, or can the hands keep moving?

That said, I expect an uptick in complaints with coaches next year, too. Time to keep improving my game management...
You are either misstating or misunderstanding the pitching change; and it really isn't a change, since we were directed/required to enforce this last year by a rules interpretation. The pitcher is NOT required to stop when the hands come together (your words). The pitcher is required to make a noticeable stop of two seconds AFTER stepping on the pitcher's plate, and BEFORE bringing the hands together.
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