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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
Some highlights:

Illegal pitches no longer advance the base runners.
Tried to make this change in ASA a few years ago and your would think someone was asking for the first born


Projected subs are allowed but not projected re-entries.
IMO, this is a mistake assuming they are referring to a true projected change


The batter is out if any part of her foot is not the ground outside the batters box when her bat contacts the pitched ball. (even if part of her foot is in the batters box.)
Somebody sold them a line of bullshit on this one

A ball that has been ruled foul can be changed to a home run, ground rule double or other dead ball award.
Should have been that way from the beginning assuming it was an obvious misapplication of a rule

Teams are no longer allowed to huddle after outs.
Considering how we are often reminded the players are not little girls, that should be a no-brainer

The batter-runner is out when she runs the bases in reverse order, runs intentionally into the outfield between bases or runs through first base unnecessarily into the outfield on a walk, dropped third strike or any
batted ball either to confuse opponents or to make a travesty of the game.

A runner shall not run bases in reverse order or intentionally run into the outfield between bases either to confuse the fielders or to make a travesty of the game.
This is ridiculous

If a runner misses home plate and the fielder misses or makes no attempt to tag the runner, the umpire should
make no signal, verbal or nonverbal.
Rationale: By requiring the umpire to make the safe signal, it could be confusing to the offense and they would have no reason to think they missed home plate. By the umpire making no signal, it notifies both the offense and
defense that something more needs to occur before a ruling can be made.
IOW, the offense isn't capable to carry that responsibility of seeing and knowing how to complete the play. SMH
The bat issue in softball is as much about liability, insurance and litigation as it is about competition, inflated egos and softball.

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