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Originally Posted by teebob21 View Post
All in all, I think these are good changes. The runner's lane is back, and OBS now requires possession of the ball in order to block the base path. Several of these rules changes bring NCAA back in harmony with USA/ASA and Fed.
If the rule is changed to the published document:
9.5.1 Obstruction occurs when a defensive player, not in possession of the ball or in the act of fielding a batted ball, impedes a batter's attempt to make contact with a pitch or impedes the progress of any runner who is legally running bases on a live ball. It can be intentional or unintentional. It is obstruction if a defensive player is blocking the whole base/plate or base path without the ball and/or the runner does not have a clear path to the base/plate.
(See also Rule 12.13.)
The third sentence contradicts the first sentence, and is not necessary. The rule should have NOTHING about blocking the base. This is horrible rule writing (at its finest?). I hope the sentence is removed (but it won't be), and now every play at the plate is "obstruction."

Sure, it is now in line with other codes (good thing), but the other rules (pitching, batting) are completely different than other codes.

The pitching change might be a tough one if not enforced consistently. The rule now requires a "noticeable stop of two seconds" when the hands come together. I look forward to some clarity at camp this fall...are we talking a baseball-style stop, or can the hands keep moving?
This one is OK, if enforced correctly. The IP penalty is just plain stupid. The correct solution is the allow international style pitching.

The worst one is the batter's feet on contact. Now the entire foot has to be in the batter's box. I'm sure that won't cause any arguments.

I hope the "no huddle" expands to just not "after an out" (i.e. after the first pitch after an out). The sub rule is good as well.
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