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Originally Posted by ToddBot View Post
...trying to end a debate on whether or not USA swimming allows starts from the gutter. Have already searched for this topic in the forum and I am thoroughly familiar with the USA swimming rules. Just looking for analysis of this question from others.

Thanks for your help.
What do you mean start from gutter?

Are we talking backstroke with the feet over the gutter? Absolutely not.

Are we talking a forward start with one or both feet on the gutter? I have allowed it at USA Meets I work. The reason is simple. The edge of the gutter is the same distance from the end of the pool as the front edge of the block is, so why wouldn't we allow it.

Am I right? I don't know, but I worked this weekend with a meet ref who has been on 5 Olympic Trials decks as an official, and we allowed that type start and nothing was said.
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