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Originally Posted by grunewar View Post

Consider this question: would you want to be a youth referee? Would you want to run around on a hot field all morning, getting tongue-lashed by some know-it-all dad in Oakleys and Birks holding a triple vente latte, all for a few bucks, if that?
I am a youth referee. I can take it. I'm a man. I'm 40...ish.

Around half my games with the whistle are solo. Half of the remaining games with the whistle, I have teenage to college age ARs. Sometimes I have to protect them, especially the 12-16 year olds. A few times I have gone so far as to tell a coach "I don't publicly criticize the youth and inexperience of your team. Don't publicly criticize mine."

I have also told spectators that hundreds of teenagers pay their $100 to certify, pay their $40 per shirt, then at least 75% of them quit after one year because they get berated by coaches, and more often, spectators. So instead of three younger, faster referees working their kids' games, they get stuck with one old, fat guy. Me.

I'm not against "Silent September." Not totally for it either. But I hate we have gotten to the point where some think it is necessary. If adults acted like adults, Silent September wouldn't be a topic.
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