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Headwear For Medical Reasons ...

Originally Posted by Nevadaref View Post
The Full90 headgear is not allowed in an NFHS basketball game under the current rules, unless the player is granted a specific exemption by the state association.
Under the following rule, I can't disagree. The key word in the rule is "headwear". The "if" in the NFHS statement "this equipment may be used ... if these devices are deemed appropriate within the sport’s playing rules" makes sense in the application of this rule, leaving it up to the state association, with input and documentation from licensed medical physicians.

Head decorations and headwear, except those specified above, are prohibited. EXCEPTION: State associations may on an individual basis permit a player to participate while wearing a head covering if it meets the following criteria: a. For medical or cosmetic reasons – In the event a participant is required by a licensed medical physician to cover his/her head with a covering or wrap, the physician's statement is required before the state association can approve a covering or wrap which is not abrasive, hard or dangerous to any other player and which is attached in such a way it is highly unlikely that it will come off during play.

With some states allowing these devices and others not allowing them, I still think that the NFHS need to fish or cut bait.

Originally Posted by Nevadaref View Post
The puffy headband of which you also posted a picture does seem to meet the current NFHS basketball rules.
Seems that this version can be legal under normal "headband" restrictions (solid color black, white, beige, or the predominant color of the uniform jersey, nonabrasive and unadorned, maximum of 2 inches) with no need to call it a medical device (even though it really is, suitable for preventing fractures, lacerations, and bleeding). Certainly makes any general statement like "protective headbands are illegal" debatable, since this protective headband is clearly legal (with a blue uniform jersey) under NFHS rules.

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