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Originally Posted by greymule View Post
Thanks for responding, robbie. You interpreted the actual Dodgers-Angels situation, and that might well be the call. I don't know how they scored it. But take a look in the abstract at the situation I described. Would you charge an error on F2, or would you go by the letter of the book, which says that no error shall be charged on a wild pitch or passed ball? Or is it a passed ball at all if F2 had time to make a play? I'm now thinking it has to be an error.
I would say its just the way the words read with punctuation etc.

If there is a WP or PB, that "play" (or advancement) will not be scored as an error. It will be a WP or PB. However, it does not state that an error cannot occur on a continuance of action.

Perhaps a good analogy:
R1 steal attempt. Throw goes into center field. Regardless of how close it may have been at second, it is a steal (not an error) that accounts for R1 going to 2.
Now, if the throw also enables R1 to go to 3, it is scored a steal and an error.
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