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Originally Posted by Mbilica View Post
Can you clarify, then, what is meant by a basketball move? I admit that my interpretation of continuation could use some more education on the topic. Also, I was avoiding the traveling difference. Lifting and replanting the pivot foot in NFHS is traveling. I have no idea what constitutes a travel in the NBA. What I do know, is when I used the word "continuation" in a middle school game to explain why I awarded free throws, I got a rebuke that this term doesn't exist in the fed rule book. This is correct. I still made the correct decision, in my view, but I will always say "in the act of shooting" from now on.

It is indeed a minor difference

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I find this tough to explain but if you think the player is making an attempt to score at the time they get fouled then they are allowed to "continue" that motion.

Say a player is going for a layup and gathers the ball and then steps. He then gets fouled. Do you allow him to finish his attempt to the basket? What if he stops and pirouettes on his pivot foot and then after a second or two puts up the shot?

Although one can argue that in both cases he is in the act of shooting, the reality is that only one of those will be called such, and is expect to be called as such and the other isn't.
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