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Originally Posted by Mbilica View Post
I disagree with your blanket assessment of HS referees. Here in my IAABO chapter in Connecticut, we are taught from the beginning that the act of shooting begins as soon as the shooter ends his dribble. We can call it a shooting foul if the player could have conceivably been in the act of shooting at the time of the foul. This can and does mean that a shooting foul can arise from a player who is fouled as he picks up the dribble, regardless of whether the shooter proceeds to take a legal step, jump, or otherwise rise up and shoot, or even if the player is unable to complete any of these acts due to the foul. What I see in the NBA is players getting two or even three steps following the foul and still being given "continuation". It is a different interpretation. Im sure a quick youtube search would reveal a lot of examples of "and ones" in the NBA that would not be three point plays in NFHS.

But there is no reason to quibble on this. The continuation interpretation has a very small impact on the game and your original point still holds.

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You are misapplying the NBA's travel rule to continuation. NBA allows 2 steps before travel and if the officials "allow" 3, it's more that they missed a travel and awarded a legal basket. The difference is what is allowed as a basketball move when it comes to continuation and what isn't.
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