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Intentional Fouls ...

Originally Posted by so cal lurker View Post
I'm really curious to see what actually happens with IPFs next year.
Here, in my little corner of Connecticut, we've had no issues with intentional fouls. We're all pretty much on the same page, even most of the coaches. We all call intentional fouls when there is contact away from the ball with an opponent who is clearly not involved with a play; when the contact is not a legitimate attempt to play defense (defense grabs the jersey, or pushes from behind, or bear hugs the offensive player); when there is excessive contact with an opponent while playing the ball; or when there is contact with a thrower-in.

We (officials, players, coaches, even a few fans) all realize that fouling late in a close game is a legitimate strategy, but the players better avoid the above mentioned acts or the fouled player will get two shots and his team will get the ball back at the site of the foul.
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