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Red face

I keep assistant coaches on a short leash.
If they ask in a respectful manner I will respond likewise.
If they get in my face to argue, or start making snide comments I will call time and inform the head coach to get the offender in line.
After that I inform the offender to knock it off or face an ejection.
Which, BTW, I have never had to do since by that time they get it.
I do not do college nor NHFS so if being warm and fuzzy is necessary on the road to advancement then I wish you all the best of luck.
BTW-- I coached high level travel ball for years and if one of my assistants tried to argue a call I would have fired him in a NY minute.
I also told my parents that if they ever got into it with an umpire their daughter would be benched for the rest of the game.
Youth sports would be a lot more enjoyable for all if head coaches would take better charge of everyone-- coaches, assistants, parents and players.

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