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Why wouldnt I allow any coach that wants to attend the pregame conference to present. In fact, if you read the NFHS umpires manual regarding the pregame conference it says any coach who wishes to attend may do so. The only requirement in NFHS is that the head coach must be present.

And no, nothing needs to sink in. Just because numerous officials have a superiority complex saying they wont talk to anyone but the head coach regardless of it not being in the rule book does not make it proper or accepted it merely makes it one of those myths perpetuated by officials, much like the numerous rule myths passed on year after year by unknowing parents and coaches. By your train of thought, head coach at 3rd base, assistant coach at 1st and a pulled foot on a close play at 1st base. You would require the assistant coach to go to the head coach, tell them what they say and then have the head coach go to the calling official to ask for assistance on the call.

Or, how about a situation that involves some obscure rule. The assistant coach knows the rule but the head coach does not. Again, you are going to require the assistant coach to go to the head coach, and then the head coach to come to the officials. Then, if there is further question on the rule, the head coach must run back and forth between their assistant and the umpires in order to discuss the situation because "assistants should be seen and not heard"?

There is absolutely nothing in writing anywhere saying only the head coach may interact with the officials. As Irish just said, anyone who claims so is being beyond overly officious.
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