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Originally Posted by AremRed View Post
Depends. Do you want to work D1 or NBA? Do you care about mens vs. womens college? There are generally different routes to each but if you can really referee then it shouldn't matter what route you take.

There are young officials, you just don't see them on TV! Generally the older officials work the bigger games because they have more experience and the coaches favor them over younger officials who they may not know as well. And assignors to some degree have to appease their coaches or they will be out of a job.

As a new official a couple years ago the best thing I did was watch myself on video. A LOT. I emailed every school I worked and asked if they tapes the game. Then I watched the film, watched how I looked, watched how I called the game, and made improvements. Every game I try to set a goal for myself to work on something. Sometimes it is something small, like my positioning on a certain type of play. Sometimes it is something general like relating differently to coaches and players. Getting feedback from veteran officials helps, as does having a mentor at the level you want to work so he/she can teach you their craft. If you want to advance you have to get good at impressing people at camps. You have to look good physically, you have to call a good game, you have to manage situations well. Go to as many camps as you can and just soak up knowledge like sponge. That's just the tip of the iceberg -- I'm sure others who have made it to the higher levels can comment.

They are considering it. You'll have to ask the rules committee about that one.

NBA is the dream. But I would be satisfied if I got to D1 men's. I like men but work to officiate both as good as the other.
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