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Originally Posted by Fuelrider View Post
I am currently going on a 3rd yr official in high school. I've gone to camp to improve and continually work on my have and to know the rule book inside and out. My question is what is the path or if there is a specific path to work your way up the latter? It seems like in D1 men's there really isn't very many younger officials and that most are older gentleman. If so why is that? What do you need to do as an official to become better. Also why is it they men's basketball doesn't switch to quarters instead of halves?
Watch as much of yourself on video as possible. People can tell you all day long what you may be doing wrong but it is very hard to improve if you don't see yourself doing it wrong.
"He who says he can and he who says he can't are both usually correct." - Confucius
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