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Originally Posted by josephrt1 View Post
In USA Softball: RS 7
To call a batter out for batting out of the batter's box, one foot or both feet must be on the ground completely outside the lines of the batter's box when contact is made with the ball. The lines of the batter's box are considered inside the batter's box.

............When there are no batter's box lines, good judgment should be used and the benefit of doubt should go to the batter. If contact is not made with the ball, there is no penalty.

Rule 7, Section 4: A strike on the batter
When any part of the batter’s person or clothing is hit with a batted ball while the batter is in the batter’s box and (FP) has fewer than two strikes.

don't these 2 statements combine to mean that if one foot is on the ground, completely out of the batter's box and not touching the line, the batter is out. If foot is in the air or touching the line or completely inside the lines when the batter and ball meet, the batter is not out.
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