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Originally Posted by BlueDevilRef View Post
Wild indeed. Lots going on but why in the world are all those people along the end line? Why are all those people allowed to be crossing the court? Lots of security in place so why aren't they taking care of that stuff?

As far as officiating goes, I realize any official can grant the timeout but with 1.9 to go, it should not have been the new trial to have recognized it. New lead is closer and so is the slot.
Way too small of a venue for a game of that magnitude. If it was a RS home game, or a playoff game in which the higher seed gets a home game, so be it, but I'm reasonably sure some fire codes were broken by the size of that crowd.

To who can see the timeout by the coach (granted, as it turns out, the coach didn't have one here, but let's say he had), the new trail usually has the best opportunity to peek down the line in this situation. T or C might be closer, but in transition, turning their head, or trying to hear TO in such a loud's not that easy.

Originally Posted by Adam View Post
Too many officials will try to say they should have ignored the request in the name of "game management". I don't use the word lightly, but to me that's a cowardly approach to officiating.
Agree. That would be kicking a rule. You can always request a timeout. Every once in a while they happen to have a penalty attached to them, but you can always request one.

Coach didn't want to face the reality that one of his players had a Chris Webber moment. Sucks, but if he accepts that instead of making false assumptions and losing his mind, that game could very well be going to OT. That is 100%, unequivocally, on the head coach.
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