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benbret Sun Oct 02, 2011 04:48pm

Libero replacement
Just got this from the state interpreter. Is this correct? NFHS Rules
regardless of position of the libero,whether RB,CB,LB,the libero does not have to sit out one dead ball when she goes to serve for RF rotating to RB.The libero can serve any time in a given rotation for any one player regardless of libero's position on back row.

dragonref Sun Oct 02, 2011 06:40pm


MCBear Mon Oct 03, 2011 12:49pm

benbret, read rule 10-4-5:


RULE 10, SECTION 4, ART. 5 . . . Libero serving:
a. The Libero will be allowed to serve in one rotation;
b. When serving, the Libero would not be required to leave the playing area or
be out of the set for one rally/dead ball before replacing the incoming player
in the right back position.
The Libero can go directly to serve from any position in the back-row...right back, center back, left back.

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