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SamNVa Wed Apr 11, 2001 08:01am

for attaining the revered Senior Member status, and waiting for Joel to be next.

Dakota Wed Apr 11, 2001 09:05am

Yes, and it is particularly nice that "our" (softball) senior members attain that status with useful, good humored, civil discussions, rather than the constant arguing against particular people that goes on elsewhere.

Gulf Coast Blue Wed Apr 11, 2001 09:38pm

Ta Da!!!!

Thanks for the opportunity to get me to the big 100! :D

And to Dakota............I will agree with you again! The SB umps are extremely civil........even when we are arguing.


SamNVa Thu Apr 12, 2001 11:59am

Hey Joel,

Glad I could help. Someday, if I work hard, maybe I, too, can reach that revered state.

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