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NYSSO/ASABlue Wed Apr 04, 2001 08:52pm

Got CALLED IN for my first game today..I forgot the 15th Commandment of Umpiring: THOU SHALT NOT TRY TO BREAK IN MORE THAN 2 [two] PIECES OF EQUIPMENT AT ONE TIME........I had new [1] Face Mask, [2] Body Protector,and [3] Pair of Leg guards [And,technically, [4], A new clicker....].Where at the start of the game, my cap kept coming off with my mask, by the end my mask was too loose.My body protector felt like a vise, and my legs were pinched by the leg guards....can't WAIT for this stuff to stretch out!At LEAST the game itself was fairly smooth..outside of a pitcher with a trick pitch I'D never seen before..Kind of a half windmill with sort of a 'palm'type delivery..The first time this pitcher threw it,she threw it directly into the ground;I thought she had just lost it[she was the second pitcher for this team..JV level]..easy ball..The next time she threw it PEFECTLY..fooling ME....which was too bad cause it was a PERFECT strike, which,cause I wasn't ready for it, I called a ball..The Next time I was ready, a she hit a NASTY corner for strike 3..I thought the poor kid up was going to drop her bat-her jaw sure did!

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