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oppool Sun Feb 01, 2004 05:51pm

Found on another site thought I would put it out here for some fun

The offensive team's pitcher is at bat with two out and a two-and-two count. He swings and misses a pitch in the dirt. The catcher gloves the ball on the bounce and flips it to the opposing hurler, as is customary on the third out. The pitcher keeps the ball and begins to walk toward first base. Realizing that he isn't out because the pitch was handled on a bounce, the pitcher drops the ball and heads off for first base.

What is your ruling?


Gmoore Sun Feb 01, 2004 07:34pm

Batter/runner out

TexBlue Sun Feb 01, 2004 10:59pm

Even though unintentional, it's interference. Batter baserunner is out. Once he caught the ball, he shoulda just kept it and gone to get his glove. I'm assuming this is fast pitch? I don't do adult ball, but I believe in the adult men's leagues, it's a dead ball once it hits the ground in SP.

chuck chopper Mon Feb 02, 2004 07:54am

Play was dead when he kept it. If he just drops it "immediately" & runs or swats it straight down I say the ball is alive. If he swats it "away" to the side & a fielder has to chase it..he's out.
I have had players throw a ball to me thinking it was 3 outs, & I have had to swat it straight down or block it & let it fall to the ground.

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