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Old Wed Sep 13, 2023, 08:31pm
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Actual High School Game Report

Since this board is pretty dead, I thought I would post this for fun for anyone who still reads/posts here.

As you may, or may not, know, GA is one of 6 states that plays high school
softball in the fall. Reason unknown.
Here is an actual GHSA game report that I filed on Sept 7.
I was BU. Team names have been redacted to “Home” and “Vis” for this post.

What follows is the actual Game Report.

Multiple Issues
There was a lot of friction in the air between the opposing coaching staffs. Perhaps it started just before the plate meeting when we called for coaches, but Home continued to hit ground balls and fly balls for warmups. Vis coach was at the plate and made comments

Later on, Vis asked PU multiple times to charge Home for conferences when Home was not the side that requested the time out.

Issue #1 – Home Spectator Removal
Home was over their limit on expressing their displeasure with PU’s strike zone. There had been several outbursts from both coaches and spectators.
In the bottom of the 4th inning one of the Home spectators yelled out 2 complete sentences complaining about PU’s strike zone. No, I cannot quote verbatim what was said, but I immediately stopped all play and had the Home head coach summon the Game Site Administrator – one Ms. Myers.
There were two other sports going on that night, and it took what seemed like an eternity (at least 10 minutes) for Ms. Myers to arrive at the field. I requested that Ms. Myers have that spectator removed from sight and sound.
As it turns out, this spectator is a teacher at Home.

Issue #2 – Home Game Site Administrator Uncooperative
Ms. Myers was not cooperative at first, and continued to be reluctant to take action. She defended this spectator, most likely because he is a teacher at Home. Then she even contradicted me saying that she hadn’t heard him say anything. Even though she was somewhere else on campus when this outburst occurred. She also denied that it took 10-15 minutes for her to arrive at the field.
She finally went over to the bleachers, but there was no immediate action. She was either unwilling, or unable, to remove this spectator until I loudly issued “60 seconds until forfeit” loud enough for everyone to hear. I repeated it a few seconds later; and then announced “45 seconds until forfeit”. At that point she escorted the teacher to the parking lot.

Issue #3 – Home Head Coach issued formal warning
Later in the game, top of 6th, the Home head coach requested and was granted time out; however, his purpose was to have an up-front and personal conversation with PU to argue balls and strikes.
A formal warning was issued.

Issue #4 – Vis Asst Coach issued a formal warning
Bot 6, BU made a call that caused an unnamed Vis assistant coach to holler from the dugout to BU in C slot about a call that went against Vis, basically accusing BU of caving into the chirping of Home and that it was some kind of make-up call.
The official warning was issued.
Later in the game that coach apologized to BU to accepted the apology and decided to keep this coach unnamed as a no harm no foul UnDo.

Editorial – we don’t get paid enough to put up with this. lol

Any comments are welcomed .

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Old Wed Sep 13, 2023, 09:04pm
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Hi Tony,

Sounds like a lot of folks were having a bad day all at once.

Do your games use the NFHS sanction?

Are game reports mandatory? (I think we may have the option of doing a report on the Arbiter but it's certainly not required.)

Yes, seems odd for softball to be going on now. But you folks should generally have suitable weather. Our season starts in early April and we have numerous cold, windy, rainy days. We end by Memorial Day then go into playoffs at that point.
USA & NFHS Softball
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Old Wed Sep 13, 2023, 09:28pm
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Yes NFHS sanction
Yes game reports mandatory (per local assignor), to the extent that game report might just say "No Issues".

And yeah, a lot of bad things going on for a lot of people.

In all my years, haven't had a game report like that. Thought i would post it
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Old Tue Sep 19, 2023, 05:23pm
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Don't think I've ever had a coach trying g to get a conference charged to the opposite team. Course I've been out of it for 10 years and restarted this year so maybe it's a new phenomenon.
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