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jmkupka Wed Apr 11, 2018 01:55pm

Don't want to belabor the point (too late for that), but say the following runner backs away 5 feet from the bag, as the lead runner is overrunning 3B into left field.

Lead runner is out of the base path, and out.
We wouldn't be calling the following runner out as well, would we?

And if not, how close would she have to be (to the bag) in order to be called out?

3 feet, because that's the distance the lead runner has to overrun to be considered out of the path?

youngump Wed Apr 11, 2018 02:39pm


Originally Posted by BretMan (Post 1020688)
If he did step off, now both runners are between second and third base. Which one is most advanced toward home? Or, which one is closest to third base? That should tell you which is the most advanced runner. If that's the trailing runner, then you have a violation.

Here I think I disagree with you. If the trailing runner is between second and third, I'm not considering him to have passed a runner who is anywhere on the 3rd base line. Regardless of who is closer to third when two players are between 2nd and 3rd, I'm determining passing by finding the player with the shorter perpendicular distance from the 3rd base line.

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