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Danvrapp Fri Dec 18, 2015 05:22am

Officiating equipment
New hockey official (relevant) here because I have a son playing squirt hockey (irrelevant) and it looked fun. Looking at outfitting myself with officiating gear, and I'm unsure on a few things...

Would I be the only official out there wearing shin guards/elbow pads from my playing opposed to buying/wearing "officiating" shin guards. Are they even going to fit well under my pants/sweater?

Did I buy a cheap whistle? I'm used to hearing the sound of a Fox40, and the cheap sounding pea whistle sounds, well, cheap. Are all hockey officiating whistles going to sound 'cheap?' It was an $8 whistle.

Looking at the officials in my area (and again, my sample space includes only officials working squirt level games), I'd say 25% of 'em have their name stenciled on the back of their jersey. Is this a requirement, is this personal preference, or is this some type of indicator that they also work upper level games?

Thanks for the insight!

thistle3585 Mon Dec 28, 2015 02:16pm

I'd get an Acme Thunder whistle. The Fox 40's are higher pitched and designed for field use. The thunder has a "deeper" tone for indoor use. Use whatever pads work under your gear and provide protection. They shouldn't be noticeable. I use youth shin pads because they are narrower. I ref college without an issue so they'll be fine for squirts. Don't put your name on your jersey unless your local association requires it. That's often construed as arrogance by fans and coaches. Referees that do upper level hockey are assigned numbers. Have fun.

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