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left-field Mon Aug 07, 2000 09:30pm

game is in overtime A has first down (10 yd procedure) On first down quarterback gets sacked for a 35 yd loss. On second down there is pass interference on B. The question...would you have a 1st & goal, or a 1st and 10?

Theisey Tue Aug 08, 2000 10:48am

For NFHS 10 Yard OT procedure, the only chain crew member used is the Box man. The chains are never used.
Last year, NY and I think one other state, used a 20 yard OT procedure and with that procedure, the chains are used.

Smoke Tue Aug 22, 2000 11:39pm

So you are saying it would be What???
A first down on the twenty yard line???

Theisey Wed Aug 23, 2000 11:34am

For the standard 10 yard OT procedure, it would be 1'st down and goal from where ever the ball finally was placed.
The chains are not used in the current NFHS 10 yard OT procedure.

Andy_Driver Wed Sep 06, 2000 11:18pm

In a game played under NF rules - in OT - the goal line is ALWAYS the line-to-gain.

Theoretically it's possible that it could be 1st and goal from A's one yard line.

In the 2000 NF rulebook check out page 71 - near the bottom of the page "5-3-1: The line to gain is always the goal line"


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