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alabamabluezebra Thu Sep 15, 2005 09:45pm

Art. 3 . . . A period or periods may be shortened in any emergency by agreement of the opposing coaches and the referee. By mutual agreement of the opposing coaches and the referee, any remaining period may be shortened at any time or the game terminated.

Are these two separate events or does the second sentence clarify the situation in the first sentence? What is the definition of an emergency? If one team is winning 50-0 at the half, can that be considered an emergency? How much can a period be shortened?

Do any other officials from Alabama know the State's stance on this subject?

alabamabluezebra Mon Sep 19, 2005 01:05pm

Any replies greatly appreciated.

MJT Mon Sep 19, 2005 01:56pm

Re: Bump.

Originally posted by alabamabluezebra
Any replies greatly appreciated.
I know in Iowa, that if both coaches agree, they can end the game, or have the time remaining be what ever they want. That is how I think it is for all NF.

Warrenkicker Mon Sep 19, 2005 02:34pm

The coaches can agree to anything. The losing coach can even forfeit if he doesn't want to play anymore. We had a game stopped last year with 10 minutes left in the game because of an injury and the losing coach was tired of his players getting injured. The player was injured and I didn't like that part but it was too bad because it was only 82-46 at the time. I thought we might have gotten to 100 for the first time.

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