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cowbyfan1 Thu Nov 11, 2004 05:27am

I know this has been touched on a bit before, but how do other states rate officials?

Here in Oklahoma, in addition to our local attendance in meetings, test results and state rule meeting attendance, ours is by the coaches. They pick from 5 differnt levels ranging from superior to poor.

I could deal with it but unfortunetly a lot of coaches don't turn them in. I did 8 varsity games last year that should have resulted in a max of 16 ratings (1 from each coach) and I got 4. I made all my meetings and scored over a 98 on both tests. Yet I sit here "uncertified" because I needed at least 5 coaches ratings. (Of the 4 I had, 3 were good and 1 was a fair(middle of the road)). I am finishing up my 4th year of calling and have no idea yet what my ratings from this year are, but starting my 5th year, there is a chance I could become eligable for playoffs, if my rating is good. So while not concerned about it for this year, it will become more so for next year.

OverAndBack Thu Nov 11, 2004 10:04am

They should rate officials by height.

Bob Lyle Thu Nov 11, 2004 11:15am

Our white hats get together at the end of the season and rate the officials for the following year. The coaches have little say in it.

The coaches used to rate the officials but it was a disaster. They still submit rating sheets but our assignor tosses them in the trash can. The white hats might get to read what the coaches write but the white hats have the final say. The officials never get to see what is written about them.

Each coach can scratch one white hat from his season but he cannot scratch any other official. If the assignor is ticked at a coach, he has been known to move the scratched white hat to another position for a single game at the scratched school.

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