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Buckeyes Sun Aug 08, 2004 06:03pm

The ruling on this case is that A has to decline B1 foul of holding to score the touchdown. I thought they could accept the score & have the penalty acessed on the try.Who is correct?
This is my second year, so I also have some other basic questions.
1. Can you use a kickinig tee or placekick block for a free kick after a safety?
2. What contact by the defense is illegal after the 2nd forward pass by the offense?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Theisey Sun Aug 08, 2004 07:52pm

This is becoming much to common problem.
My last years notes along with NFHS 2003 online interpretations page says to delete this case play. Yet, it is still in the book and identical to last year.
They did not give a reason why it was to be deleted.

However, I see no reason why the foul cannot be enforced on the Try for A.

(added comment) If you check at
You'll see they deleted it again for this year.
(end of added comment)

1)By definition, a place kick or a punt maybe used after a safety. Place kick defintion allows for a kicking tee and allows a holder to control the ball either on the ground or on a tee. A block is just another from of a tee.

2)This one is always a good question even if it never happens in a game. PI is lifted for "B" after the first pass is touched by either "A" or "B". So what remains illegal is about anything else. Basically, "B" can't hold, block low or clip, grap the mask, other another personal foul type actions.
So "B" still can be flagged for a foul, but "A" will not get a DPI call which is an auto-1st down.

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BktBallRef Sun Aug 08, 2004 07:52pm

Just a case of the NFHS changing the rule but faiing to change the case play. As for the other questions:

1- Any legal tee can be used.

2- Restrictions for B end after the first forward pass.

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