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jmdjr9866 Tue Feb 03, 2015 08:24pm

Unusual high school play
Looking for a rules interpretation for the following play. Team A is taking the ball out under Team B's basket after Team B scored. Team A uses the play where a second player jumps out of bounds and takes a pass from a player that's already out of bounds. As the pass arrives, the player fumbles it and then kicks it (accidentally) off the back wall of the gym and it ricochets back on to the court. A player from Team B picks it up and makes a layup. Is this a good basket or should Team B get the ball out of bounds?

Camron Rust Tue Feb 03, 2015 08:34pm

Since a throwin must go directly onto the court, it is a violation when it bounces off the wall and then inbounds. It would be the same as a bounce pass that bounces OOB before going inbounds.

BillyMac Wed Feb 04, 2015 06:43am

Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall ...
9.2.2 SITUATION A: Thrower A1: (a) causes the ball to carom from the wall
behind him/her, or from the floor out of bounds and then into the court; (b) caroms
the ball from the back of the backboard to a player in the court; or (c) throws
the ball against the side or the front face of the backboard, after which it rebounds
into the hands of A2. RULING: Violation in (a) and (b), since the throw touched
an object out of bounds. The throw-in in (c) is legal. The side and front face of
the backboard are inbounds and, in this specific situation, are treated the same
as the floor inbounds.

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