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OfficialMe Sun Oct 08, 2000 02:21pm

I have to give a presentation to about 50 high school basketball officials and I'm looking to start my presentation with a joke or cartoon. Does anyone know of any good basketball officials jokes or cartoons? Thanks for your help.

Mark Padgett Mon Oct 09, 2000 11:30am

Here's a joke I have used before:

A high school coach requests and is granted a timeout. He calls one of his players over to him and asks: "Didn't we agree that it's bad sportsmanship to taunt the other team and make fun of them?" The player, looking sheepish, says, "Yeah."

The coach goes on. "And didn't we agree that you don't stomp up and down and yell at your teammates when they don't pass you the ball?" Again, the player says, "Yeah."

The coach continues, "And didn't we agree that you never yell at the officials and call them terrible names when you disagree with their call?". Again, the player says, "Yeah."

The coach looks and points up at the stands and says, "Then will you please go up there and explain all that to your mother!"

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