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Lcubed48 Mon Nov 21, 2011 07:43am

Holiday Hoops in the Land of Lincoln
I will be visiting the Chicagoland area for the Thanksgiving holiday later this week. I'm "required" to hang out all day Friday and Saturday with my sports-minded brother-in law. Our mission, which we have gladly accepted, is to watch BB, BB, and even more BB. My question is where and when might some of you Illinois officials be working on those days? I will be staying in the All-American village (sic) of Naperville. I know of the Chicago Challenge out at the Sears Center for some D1 hoops. We went there last Thanksgiving weekend. My brother-in-law has sent me a list of some holiday tournaments. I'm looking to narrow the list. What do you'all got?

Lcubed48 Sun Dec 04, 2011 03:58am

Update from my visit
Kudos to all the fine officials that I observed during my visit back to Illinois over Thanksgiving. I watched all or parts of 7 high school games plus 2 college contests.

I had the pleasure to meet, observe, and chat with our most fav admin guy ("always listen to bob") work the toughest of all the games. He and his 1 partner did a superb job in an intense, aggressive, and physical game that practically screamed for a third official. They began in control, and maintained it throughout. Bob served some "T" to one of the teams for running underneath the other team's basket when first coming onto the floor.

I saw 2 different officials who used the "no lanyard" technique. Neither dropped their whistle at any time. I won't be attempting that any time soon/ever.

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