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RecRef Sat Feb 22, 2003 12:06am

Several of us were watching the last tournament game of the night when the following happened. There was disagreement as to what should be done.

Situation - Inbounds to start the last quarter. Clock is not started and the R catches the error and stops the play. He has the timer take 6 seconds off of the clock. Here is where the disagreement comes in. The defense had the dribbler driven back close to the end line. By stopping the play the R took away the legal advantage/good play of the defense. Should he have continued his count until either 10 seconds had elapsed or the offense beat the defense and got the ball over half court? The next question is, since he did stop the play to correct the clock should he restart his backcourt count at 7 seconds?

just another ref Sat Feb 22, 2003 12:13am

I say yes he should have let the play resolve itself before stopping play to make a time adjustment. I say with even more conviction that there is no way that you start your backcourt count at 7 no matter what happened.

dblref Sat Feb 22, 2003 09:44pm

RecRef: You can bet your sweet bippy this did not happen in my game.:D The crew at my game were really good. BTW, was this one of "our" clock operators?

RecRef Sun Feb 23, 2003 09:58am

Yes it was. But to his defense the game was long over by the start of the 4th. BoysÂ’ game, WSF vs. Annandale, WSF won the game by over 30 points, something like 96 to 61.

:D It was only that close because WSF played their 2 trainers and 2 cheerleaders in the 4th. (That Japanese emersion program must be working on the boysÂ’ side as well :rolleyes: )

dblref Sun Feb 23, 2003 08:43pm

Thanks. I had 2 today at Flint Hill and 1 there tomorow. Kinda fun to have the 30 sec. clicker in the left hand and the regular clock clicker in the right hand. Does that make me ambidextrious(sp.)?

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