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Fathertime Mon Feb 01, 2010 06:32pm

Hanging on the rim
This happened last Friday. A player went up for a dunk leaving from two feet. As he was about to dunk the ball, he lost some control of it and it rattled briefly in the rim before falling through. The entire time he was holding on to the rim, maybe just either side of one second.

He never pulled himself up or pulled the rim down. There was another player in the area, but I don't believe he would have created a safety issue. I was the C and no-called it. This was based because I believe he was surprised about losing the ball and just didn't think about hanging on the rim as opposed to making a statement.

My co-officials didn't have a problem with my decision, but none of us were certain I got it right either. We are trying to get the video of the game to see it again.

Any thoughts or rule of thumb when to call a T or not? This might be one those "I have to see it to make a decision".

jdw3018 Mon Feb 01, 2010 06:38pm

Don't know about the T (definitely have to see it), but might you have had basket interference?

BillyMac Mon Feb 01, 2010 07:06pm

Bent Rim ...
NWC-Hall: Bent Rim Forces Change In Gyms -

Note: Kuran Iverson is related to Allan Iverson.

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